If you are a gamer, you are probably already using platforms where you purchase your games, such as Steam, Origin or just the plain old mobile app store.
Abyss plans to offer such a platform where game developers can market their products to players. It does not plan to take on Steam or Uplay, but it does offer game producers and game developer one more platform where they can market their products. Their focus is on MMO games, with a „primary focus on referral and motivational programs for players and developers”

The product

Blockchain-based projects are moving forward to offer game producers secure platforms where they can market games and entertain their users. Abyss is one such project aimed at the gaming industry. Their goal is to create a market where users are motivated to buy their games and where they can be rewarded for purchases.

„The emergence of blockchain technology has enabled the creation of a next-generation game platform. Unlike Steam, we plan to make a strong accent on distributing F2P browser and client MMO games. In a single portal, a digital distribution platform will be integrated with the best network marketing practices in the form of a powerful, multilevel motivational system, allowing users to play and to profit. Bonuses imply automatic payments to cryptocurrency accounts, the internal system for advertising offers and numerous additional services”, the whitepaper explains.

Abyss - The token

ABYSS is the utility token on their platform. Gamers can use ABYSS to purchase games, to receive discounts (at the expense of the platform) and to buy in-game products. Interestingly enough, the token will be awarded on a referral-base system to gamers who promote certain games to other players.

Game developers can use ABYSS to purchase marketing and advertising products on the platform.
The team behind this project will issue a limited number of tokens (mined centrally) and mint new coins every year in the ammount of 10% of the current volume of tokens. „The entire volume of emissions is determined by the motivational programs within the platform of all users”, the team explains in their whitepaper.

The circulation of the tokens inside the platform is what increases the value of the tokens.
It is important to note that they plan to create a multi-level marketing (MLM) type of campaign in order to enroll users on their platform. More info on telegram grup.


ABYSS Tokens: The Key Benefits

ABYSS tokens are a priority internal mechanism for interaction on The Abyss platform. Earnings from referral and motivational programs are paid in ABYSS tokens. The majority of internal services rely on ABYSS tokens only


    When paying for game purchases with ABYSS tokens, users are granted a discount


    The internal offer system relies on ABYSS tokens only


    Opinion leaders and avid gamers enjoy unique earning opportunities


The token sale will start on December 12, 2017 and end on January 24, 2018. Minimal investments start from 0.1 ETH (bitcoin and ether accepted).
Investors can buy 2500 tokens for 1 ether, with early-bird discount (1st day = +15%, days 2-4 = +10%,, days 5-20 = +5% discount).
They plan to sell 50% of the tokens during the ICO stage. 28% of the coins remain in the platform reserve, 21% go to advisors and company and 1% are dedicated to bounties.
The biggest slice of the funds (40%) they raise during the ICO and presale stage will go to advertising and marketing campaings, in order to attract game developers and strategic partners. 28% go into platform development.

The team

Behind this project is Destiny Games, a company with 52 employees that develops, publishes and localizes popular browser and client F2P MMO games.