ARToken enters the ICO stage on the 25th of October. This project enters the dynamic market of video content, virtual reality and augmented reality. In the case of ARToken, „the revolution will have the content creators at its forefront”, in the words of developers. This means the entire platform will be based on those who upload AR/VR content. They will be remunerated for creating, renting and selling videos for VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality).

The product

AR/VR products are part of a very inovative industry, supported by giants like Samsung, Google and HTC. Truth be told, there are relatively few video materials for VR on the market. Developers say though that they expect to see the market valued at no less than 35 billion dollars in less than 10 years. Advertising companies already adopted the technology in many ways. There are high expectations in that regard from the gaming industry, which is expected to lead the revolution.

In practice, the project is looking to create a decentralized platform for content creators. It is not entirely new, and you can already see a rising trend with centralized platforms like ArtStation – selling 3d models – or PhotoStock – that sells stock photos. These are markets that are themselves valued at a few million dollars.

If they are right and the market takes off, as some of the more influential entrepreneurs in technology predict, then the biggest issue might just be generation of diverse content. Mark Zukerberg, Neil Graham and Tim Cook are just some of the opinion leaders who feel VR/AR markets will have a big role to play, not only in entertainment, but also in education and other industries.
This is the main issue ARToken is trying to address with their platform. They plan to store content in a decentralized manner. It is yet unclear if they are only going to base their ARToken coins with blockchain or whether they are looking to implement copyright solutions on the same, beloved and hyped blockchain.

Consider 3D cameras are more and more accesible. This might just mean many of those who own the right technology might find themselves working full-time in the industry, from home. Check their white paper here.

The market

Devolopers expect to see their platform adopted in various fields, especially in medicine, engineering, real estate, military and education. Advertising companies are already buying stock content for events and there seems to be a trend in having at least a corner where participants can interact with products inside virtual reality. Many top European schools will want to rally to projects like this. Therefore, their idea might have plenty of demand from clients more than willing to pay for content.

The ecosystem will launch under the name Cappasity and will bring together content creators with what they promise to be a large market. Moreover, developers proposed a sandbox market they will use for testing AR/VR/3D content.

The currency

In this ecosystem, ARToken’s role (AR on exchanges) is to first finance the team working on the project and, later on, to be a payment mean.
In total, developers plan to sell 7 billion coins during their crowd sale. Unsold coins will be burnt. On their website, they say that the amount of coins they will generate will be established after the end of the crowd sale. It is important to note that ARToken will not be subjected to mining and tokens will mainly be used as vouchers on the platform.

If you plan to invest in their idea, also note that they accept a minimun investment of 30 dollars (paid in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin or dash)
The ARToken team claims they will be listed on HitBTC after the first phase of the token sale, february 2018. They hope to rally other exchanges by that time.

Starting the 25th, you will be able to buy 125 coinsfor one dollar, during the first slate of funding. A second round starts in february, and they plan to establish a price according to the market value at that moment. They expect the price to be 20 to 40% higher than the innitial investment.
They of course offer discounts for early birds, ranging from 5 to 10%.
43% of the coins will be invested in software development, 27% in sales and marketing and 10% in a reward fund. The rest of 20% will be part of an innovation fund.

The Roadmap

The company was already founded under the name Cappasity in 2013. Just a year later they say they started producing and amassing 3D content. Last year they built a 3D digitalization software called Easy 3D Scan, that allows user to create 3D viewings 10 times faster than what we see on the market today. This year, they created the launching platform, with browsing available on multiple devices, and rapid embedding technology.

There is a slate of other products they have in store, like 3D capture for mobile devices, hologram capture and UE/Unity integration. They also plan to create an avatar scanner, decentralized content storage and measuring solutions (by the end of 2018), along with capture for drones and app for the content market (first quarter of 2019) – along with other enticing technologies.


Much of the success of their project depends on the quality of these very complex and ambitious products. The market is definitely there, and has been missing high-quality content for over a year. What is interesting is that we already saw the rise of similar platforms for more traditional materials. There might be a question of who reaches the market first, with a finite product.

Subscription Plans For SMB


0$ per month0$ per year
    30 3D images on account
  • Storage: 0.5Gb
  • Traffic: 2Gb
  • SD Zoom - Check


14.99$ per month149$ per year
    100 3D images on account
  • Storage: 2Gb
  • Traffic: 4Gb
  • Private 3D Images - Check
  • SD Zoom - Check


34..99$ per month349$ per year
    300 3D images on account
  • Storage: 5Gb
  • Traffic: 10Gb
  • Private and Unlisted 3D Images - Check
  • No logo and 'powered by' text - Check
  • SD Zoom - Check


99.99$ per month999$ per year
    1000 3D images on account
  • Storage: 20Gb
  • Traffic: 40Gb
  • Private and Unlisted 3D Images - Check
  • No logo and 'powered by' text - Check
  • HD Zoom - Check
  • Autorotate - Check
  • Export photos - Check
  • Advanced viewer customization - Check