Envion promises to introduce the “future of smart decentralized blockchain infrastructure for cryptocurrency mining”. They plan to tap into the clean energy from photovoltaic plants across the world to create a mining infrastructure at a lower price.

Envion - The product

Envion claims to have patented standardized CSC containers for mobile mining solutions, along with cooling systems that are 40 times more efficient than the traditional data centers already have. With this technology, they say they will reach unprecedented power efficiency” and give the idle solar power plants an outlet for their surplus.

“We engineered a modular, turnkey solution featuring a fully automatic startup that guarantees full autonomous mining power”, they explain on their website. They plan to send out their new, patented hardware at different locations where they find they can access excess power from solar plants at lower costs. Practically, they want to deploy a decentralized mining fleet in countries where green electricity providers are willing to sell their energy at a fraction of the price.

Envion is ready to send out the hardware to places like Mexico, Chile, India, Norway, Spain, California and Iceland, places where historically there has been an excess of solar energy. Some of the plant owners work unprofitable rates below 0.02 USD/kWh. Their plug-and-play equipment can be put to work and start mining, according to their statements, in less than 3 minutes.

On the Envion website, the developers showcase a simulation for their performance. For 58 mining workers, they claim their total hashrate would reach somewhere between 135 to 140 TH/s for bitcoin and 8.4 to 9 GH/s for ethereum, at a power consumption of little over 60 000 watts. Interestingly enough, they also added SIA coin into the mix, although their simulation shows a 0 MH/s hashrate.


Fixing Blockchain & Energy Industry Problems

We create a win-win scenario for power plants: We pay power-plants (and other energy hubs) to utilize their otherwise unused local overcapacities. Win-win for the blockchain: We provide stability by decentralizing mining activities again, letting the community fully participate in mining and making mining operations immune to local regulations, governmental restrictions, energy price spikes and bringing peace of mind to the global blockchain infrastructure.

Plug & Play

  • Envion engineered a modular, turnkey solution featuring a fully automatic startup that guarantees fully autonomous mining power


  • Envion mobility concept enables super-simple transportation and worldwide deployment, providing immunity, e.g. from local political restrictions

Fully Scalable

  • Mobile and efficient low-cost hardware and optimized propietary management hardware guarantees excellent scalability

High Growth

  • Envion reinvestment strategy enables us to quickly grow our fleet of mobile mining units, continously boosting dividend payouts each year.

The coin

The token behind this project is called Envion Token (EVN) and was valued at 1 USD per coin. 150 million tokens will be issued through mining. Tokens that are not distributed during the pre-sale and initial coin offering will simply not be generated. After the ICO stage, the company will not issue and sell coins.
EVN is not a utility coin inside the ecosystem and only acts as a means for initially funding the project.


Envion will start their pre-sale on December 1st and close on December 31st. Investors can purchase tokens (EVN) for one dollar each in four separate rounds, with up to 30% discounts during the first two days of the presale (early bird discount). Between the 3rd and the 7th of December the EVN tokens are sold for 0.80 USD (20% discount), while the 7th-14th period brings a 10% discount.

Tokens will be sold for ether, bitcoin and fiat currency (presumably US dollars) during this time. Holders of the tokens hold voting and veto rights in important decisions. Envion projects a return on investment of 161% per year.

Earnings of the proprietary operation come in two steps – 75% are to be paid immediately, while 25% are to be “reinvested to boost future payouts”.
Out of the 150 million tokens they hope to sell, 83% will be sold to investors, 10% remain with the founding team, 5% are the reserve of AG and 2% will be paid in bounties.