Exscudo has been getting some attention from the crypto community. Recently, they entered the ICO phase and are now developing a new trading market based on their proprietary blockchain called EON.

The Project

Exscudo aims at creating a unified market where they would offer all the tools already existing in the traditional market to the crypto field. Behind the project there is the idea that, on one hand, the traditional stock market is not accessible enough for all the citizens, while on the other hand the cryptocurrency market has little advanced tools and regulations that could attract traditional traders.

The Exscudo developers plan to offer a platform that can attract both categories, in an environment that combines the accessibility of the crypto markets with complex tools from the stock market. Aside for that, Exscudo plans to integrate fiat currencies on their platform, offering a complete market, subject to legislation for both fiat and cryptocurrency.

Exscudo will create a full set of trading tools, starting with charts and ending with unique trading strategies tools, along with complete legislation solutions for traders and their assets. They also plan to include regulatory frameworks that will help banks and institutions work better with cryptocurrency users.
Some other selling points are their tools for mainstream businesses and shops to integrate cryptocurrencies in their business, and tools and features for cryptocurrency ATM networks.

The Technology

The exscudo technology is based on a transparent-anonymous proprietary blockchain called EON. This blockchain is not entirely open-source. The part that covers consensus rules, generating and confirming blocks will be published on GitHub. The secret portion is the Exscudo Stock Exchange.

The Exscudo wallet is a multi-currency wallet connected to the Exscudo exchange account. This allows users to store, send and exchange cryptocurrency in real-time, with minimum spread. The wallet also supports a NFC channel for direct payments straights from the device. In the future, they claim they will be able to offer cryptocurrency payments in stores. Money are converted automatically – if a user pays from a bitcoin wallet for goods that have a price in USD, the money are automatically converted through the Exscudo exchange.

In march, the developers presented a release plan for an encrypted chat app. It comes with two types of communication – private groups and personal groups, that allow users to send and receive money straight via the chat channel. These are groups that each user can create, administer and moderate on its own. For example, you can have a group for the entire family, where you store your shopping lists, administer the schedule for utility payments and consult the other members of the family about different expenses.

Public accounts are dedicated to businesses and they offer a form for monetizing published content, along with opportunities to create new business relationships and promote activities. These public groups can be tracked, and users can be rewarded according to their activities.

Roadmap Exscudo

For now, Exscudo has its own blockchain, based on delegated proof-of-stake. Delegated PoS stores on the blockchain only the information that is necessary for data validation. They developed servers and the basics for their trading features, a multi-currency wallet, the basic features for the exchange and a platform with support for user groups and messenger.
By 2018, Exscudo will release channels for the chat app (the decentralized messenger and the multi-currency wallet), they will test the exchange – sometimes in Q2 of 2017 – and launch the terminals for mobile and desktop apps and for the exchange platform.

ICO end. See details here.