MobileGo is the first Crypto-Centric Mobile Gaming Platform and Store For In-Game Purchases. In short, if focuses on a growing market of mobile gaming, offering gamers and game developers a blockchain-based platform. Game developers have the opportunity to sell their games for cryptocurrency on their virtual content marketplace. Moreover, this marketplace will allow gamer to gamer transactions conducted in MobileGo tokens, using smart contracts.

Another market strategy for MobileGo is to encourages competition among players and a fair amount of wagering their tokens in tournaments of their own choosing. Gamers will be able to set their own competitions based on their game results and earn coins in the process. The players will also be able to set an entry price tag and prizes for the tournaments themselves. MobileGo already announced they have 300 games in line for launching on their platform. They target 1000 games this year alone.

The Thechonology

The platform will utilize the ethereum blockchain to create smart contracts between players. It is a straight-forward approach that allows gamers to agree on the rules of a competition and the prize for a tournament via a simple smart contract.

The Currency

MobileGo’s token is called MGO. After the release of their platform, MGOs will be used for game and in-game purchases. (it is important to note that the store will only accept MGO tokens for purchases, thus virtually raising the value of the coin once the user base and the demand increases.)

As they explain it, the price of an MGO token will be established according to how many coins are purchased. More precisely, the price will be determined by the amount invested divided by the total number of coins, which is 100mln MGO. For example, if they raise 5,000,000 USD you divide that by 100,000,000 MGO to get .05 USD per token. If they raise 10,000,000 USD the price per token would be .10 USD. The price for one coin should grow the more the gamers base grows. This is why, by their own admission, how fast the value of the currency grows depends on how much money they manage to raise during the ICO stage, since 50% of the money will be invested to actually grow the gamers community.

The Market

MobileGo identifies three possible thriving markets. The purchasing of mobile games, e-sports and gambling/wagering. According to their presentation video, e-gaming, one of the biggest market totalling 1.2 billion dollars, is not represented in mobile gaming and this is a need they intend to fill with the creation of a Game Credits market.

Gamers will be able to purchase tokens with their credit card and spend them for games and in-games purchases. 90% of the revenue will go to the game developers, while 10% will go to the developers of the platform. This strategy is thought to encourage game developers to join their platform. They also mention their plan to introduce some gamification standards on the actual platform, allowing players to earn profile status for purchase discounts, tournament entries and game testing.

MobileGo Team

The MobileGo team comprises of 7 members, who all claim to at least 10 years of experience in either the gaming sector or as system engineers and programmers – Sergey and Maxim Sholom, Vasselim Peev, Fran Strajnar, Nikola Djoke, Rob Wilson and Bok Khoo. It is unclear where they are headquartered as of yet.

The roadmap

The MobileGo developpers say the platform is already built and should be released in the second quarter of 2017. On the bitcointalk thread,they mentoined their platform is in beta testing as we speak.


The MobileGo Innitial Coin Offering is different from many of the offerings, as it will launch regardless of the amount of money they raise during this time. “Our game store has been in development for several years and we will continue development regardless of the funds outcome” they explain. In the same way, there is no hard cap set for this crowdsale. They intend to create a large marketing fund for teh GameCredits Mobile Store that will be released in the second quarter of 2017. 10% of the profit will be used to buy and burn the tokens from investors.

Their strategy is to invest 50% of the money they raise in the ICO stage to promote their platform. “The more money raised, the larger the marketing fund which means millions more gamers, which means larger profits and buyback. “ says their thread on bitcointalk.

20% of the money raised during the crowdsale will go into developing mobile go decentralized products. The other 30% will go into legal fees, licenses and branding. They also have a discount schedule for early investors. During the first week of the ICO there is a 15% discount on all currencies. The second week offers a 10% discount, while the third week offers a 5% discount. For these three first weeks, there is also a 7% discount for investments made with the game. The fourth and last week of the ICO only offers a 10% discount on investments made with the game.
MobileGo’s price per token will be determined by the amount invested divided by the total number of coins, which is 100mln MGO.

ICO end. See details here.