It's easy to notice how fast the communications systems have evolved in the last century – from the telegraph to the cellphone, up until the Internet and all the associated services. Unfortunately, there was also a dark side to this evolution – there are no more secrets online and there is no such thing as a confidential information and there are also more and more of those who want to take advantage ofe these vulnerabilities.

Any data you send, no matter which way you send it, can be accessed by others – authorised or not. It's a reality of today's life, no matter if we want to see it or not, but lately it's becoming abundantly clear that our data isn't safe – from hacked e-mails to empty bank accounts, going to classified information posted online.

What can you do to protect your privacy? Currently, there is no solution – even the internal computer networks used by corporations are vulnerable, not to mention that the network admin can pretty much access anything anytime.

The P2P Solution Foundation wants to provide an alternative for the users that care about data confidentiality and they offer a peer-to-peer platform based on the blockchain technology that insures the privacy of any and all files and information you send.

Innovative Solutions International, the company that initiated the P2PSF project, was created in 2010 and they developed an innovative system for transferring large digital data packages at high speed over a proprietary network. The system was named Push System Protocol and it's now integrated in the Ethereum blockchain, which insures the security, confidentiality and speed of data transfers.

The Push System Protocol is a peer-to-peer system that works based on the P2PS tokens and it's especially useful for areas where information confidentiality is paramount – like financial and banking systems, government and defense, because it guarantees that no one except authorized personnel can access it.

As of right now, there is no other similar platform available, so the potential for this project is huge.

The P2PS tokens can build an ecosystem based on the peer-to-peer communication platform that is both secure and not vulnerable to interference.

The platform is already in use by several companies, one of which is Electronics Learning Inc, one of the eLearning pioneers that has customers in the US and the Middle East.

The Foundation is currently running an ICO that will provide the necessary funds to improve and expand the platform, so it can be launched in 49 countries from America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

The CEO of Electronics Learning Inc, Jameel Shariff, is one of the council members for the P2P Solution Foundation and he was also one of the createor of the Push System Protocol, together with Dr. Waleed AlOriny, who dealt with the techical aspect of the project.

One of the advisors for the Foundation council is David Drake, entrepreneur, investor and partner in the company LDJ Capital, and also one of the most visible crypto-enthusiasts out there.

The P2PS Foundation is registered in Mauritius and they are currently running and ICO (which takes places between April 2 and May 31, 2018), based on which they want to create a worldwide netword of digital services which provides an alternative model to the traditional peer-to-peer networks.

The P2PS token is based on the Ethereum Blockchain and it's an utility token (ERC-20 compliant) which provides access to the platform, by replacing the standard licensing system. Basically, the company that wants to use the platform will have to pay a 2% commission every time they give access to a user so they can use it.

The ecosystem based on the P2PS token wants to create a completely autonomous and decentralized network that provides additional services like a digital wallet and other solutions which can insure a smooth operation of the platform, while providing financial benefits to the token owners.

ICO Specifications

Start date

Apr 02, 2018
    Number of tokens for sale 50,000,000 P2PS (50%)

Tokens exchange rate

    250 P2PS = 1 ETH / 0.06 BTC / 6 LTC
  • Acceptable currencies: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC

Minimal transaction amount

    50 P2PS
  • Soft Cap - $75000 equivalent
  • Hard Cap – ~$50 Million