How many ideas die off because of lack of money and how many projects are left on a rack, because they lack finances and a team behind it to support them? Popultrade plans to fix just that. The idea behind this project, much like The DAO, is to put together decentralized teams of people who can work together for profit.

The product

The product Popultrade is planning to push is simple. A platform where users can meet with likeminded individuals and discuss their ideas, from scratch to marketable produce.
People dispersed all over the world can realize they share a common interest in an idea or a project and decide to work together. They can use tokens on blockchain to finance their projects and they can share the money on a merit-based basis as they work together. It is, in short, a platform to create real decentralized, autonomous organizations where anyone can find a job they know they are good at.

Allocation of the product development phase contributions

We strive to deliver our features as comprehensive and easy as possible, which is why we made the technical development/implementation a priority of our operations. This decision is strongly reflected in our financial strategy, that is divided into two phases. While the funds collected in the first phase will cover the development costs and the initial marketing, the second phase is mainly intended to cover marketing operations and the start of Circuls. Unsold tokens will be destroyed. In case the crowdsale does not reach the envisioned amount we will return the received ether.


    Technical development costs of the Popultrade tools (Linum, Mercato, Denario, Circul). Set up the production hardware environment.


    Non-technical product development includes project and team management and business development.


    First marketing phase, covering basic marketing operations, advertising campaigns, business partners gathering, populate the system with articles and services to purchase, gathering sellers, get candidates (experts, consultants, lawyers, investors,...) to work in the Groups of people where ideas and business are made a reality (Circuls), get simple and advanced businesses in Circuls to invest in, get offerers for the network of services (Linum) to offer all needed to create and develop an idea or business, get affiliate workers to promote and bring services and sellers to Popultrade.


    Day-to-day operations, office rent and equipment, travel expenses and legal fees. Servers infrastructure rent.

The project has three important legs.

First, there is Circul, where you can simply connect with likeminded individuals and discuss topics that interest you. Businesses can meet their clients and promote to them, students can interract with each other and connect with faculty members, and in general people can interact with other users who share common ideas. Think of it as a social network for idea swapping and business planning.

The other important leg of this product is Mercato, the more business side of this project, where users and companies can sell goods, services and ideas. Groups in Circul can get financing via Mercato and raise capital to put their plans into action.

Once the financing side of things is out of the way, teams can organize on Linum and people can get paid to work further and develop ideas together.

Popultrade - The token

Each activity in the Popultrade platform will be rewarded with the PCP token – the Populcoin. For example, profits from the businesses created in Circuls will be converted into Populcoins. Commissions from each purchase of articles or services will be converted into Populcoins and added to the Popultrade groups (Circuls) for further investments as well as to the users who were involved either by making a purchase, by voting or carrying out a job in the PT groups, etc.

The token can be used to make payments on the platform, to purchase services or products, to invest, to receive or offer discounts or to claim decision power in a certain project.


In total, 300 million tokens will be available on the market. 64% of the supply (192 million tokens) will be distributed during the crowdsale.
The ICO starts on December 11, 2017 and end on January 15, 2018. For their platform, the developers hope to raise at least 1.1 million dollar. Tokens will be kept in a multi-sig wallet, held by a team council.

„Funds are held locked in the smart contract in the ether, if after a year from the end of the crowdsale period you are not satisfied with our product you will be able to redeem the tokens and get back your contribution, proportionally minus the soft cap part.” The developers explain on their website.

The team

The Popultrade team is based in Slovenia, under the leadership of Valter Krameršteter.