It is hard to remember a time when social media wasn’t “a thing”. With the growth of social media platforms, we saw the rise of advertising techniques, from companies planning to reach their customers right at (their virtual) home.

Sether has its sight on the growing social media marketing industry. “Sether is the first smart social media data oracle. Existing data oracles move data between any external source and the blockchain.

Sether moves, monitors and analyses social media data for the blockchain, automating integration with social networks.”, they write on their website.

The product

Sether analyze big data on the blockchain in order to plan campaigns on different networks. Blockchain businesses need data from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus or LinkedIn in order to target their customers, to measure customer loyalty, to do marketing campaigns and other operations that insure they send out their message to the right people.

Sether connects to these social networks to extract raw data. They aggregate that information and provide meaningful insight to companies, using artificial intelligence graph algorithms.

For example (this is the exact example the developers give on their website), a user tweets 5 times about a certain company. Using a smart contract, they can automatically claim a 15% discount on their next purchase.

Therefore, Sether allows companies to create loyalty campaigns via ERC-20 smart contracts. A smart contract will follow how much engagement a certain company has on social network (tweets, shares on Facebook etc) and allows them to reward users via native Sether coins.

The token

The SETH token is a standard ERC20 token that can be used by multiple wallets and trading platforms. The token will be used as the only currency for interacting with the Sether platform.

The team plans to „go live with the platform, regardless of teh outcome of the CIO campaign”.
The developers also explained that Tokens will be diluted 7% per year during the next 5 years, „to support future steering of the project.”

Sether - The ICO

The ICO does not have a soft cap or a strict goal to raise certain sums of money. As we explained earlier, they plan to release their product regardless of how much money is raised during the 4 weeks of ICO (launching date is December 4, 2017).

They will mint up to 1 hundred million coins,available at the time of the presale. The ICO stage will close earlier if all coins are sold.

1 SETH is sold for 0.003 ether and there is a minimum contribution of 0.1 ETH.
25% of the coins were sold during the pre-ICO stage. 30% are dispersed during the ICO and 35% are retained by Sether „to incentivize community, beta testers and strategic partners”



Up to 100,000,000 SETH tokens minted 1 SETH = 0.003 ETH

Soft Cap: NONE

  • Minimum 0.1 ETH or BTC equivalent with a bonus of 40%

Hard Cap:

165,000 ETH

The team

Sether is developed by a Romanian team with expertise in Big Data, AI, and blockchain technologies.