SocialMedia Market is a blockchain-based platform that allows interraction of advertisers, marketers, bloggers and trend setters on social media. Here, social media experts from different areas will be able to monetize their activities and to access transparent tools for their work.

The product

Social networks offer marketers new avenues to reach their public. It is a growing new industry that in turn created a new form of advertising and a new type of job that is here to stay – the influencer.

There are some key issues that SocialMedia Market is seeking to fix. Vetting advertisers and influencers is yet inadequate and there is yet a high occurence of fraud. There is still a high barrier to entry for small lto mid-sized businesses and new influencers, andd managing influencer marketing programs is time-consuming for companies who choose to do their campaigns in-house.
SocialMedia Market plans to create a more transparent and competitive marketplace, in the process of bringing influencers and advertisers together.

First off, there is an issue of honoring contracts and avoiding fraud. Advertisers and influencers have very little control over payments. The ehtereum-based platform will offer escrow payments which hodl contract fees until the set obligations are met. In addition, it will allow better means to validate the identity of the employed influencers and avoid impersonation. SocialMedia Market also allow means to settle disputes and to create arbitrations in a decentralized manner (which leads us to the creation of a dispute solution system where members can be rewarded for participating in arbitrations).

The coin

The coin SocialMedia Market employs is called Social Media Token (SMT), ” which ensures high standards of services and prevents any unauthorized manual intervention in the processes within the system. Social Media Token will create a self-driven economy based on constant cooperation between influencers, advertisers, marketing agencies and agents.”

The coin allows for safe escrow transactions based on the blockchain technology, simplified payments, micro-transacitons with small fees. In addition to that, the coin can be earned for participating in decentralized dispute solution systems. More info on telegram grup.

Socialmedia Market - The ICO

The first stage of the token sale starts on December 7. They plan to raise 2 million SMTs. An ether buys you 800 SMTs and minimum contributions start at 0.01 ETH (8 SMTs). Bitcoin and ether investments are accepted. Early-bird discounts range between 3 and 10%.
The second stage starts on February 9, with the goal to raise 2 000 000 SMTs. You can buy 700 SMTs for 1 ETH and minimal investments are of 0.01 ETH.
Stay tuned for more info on twitter.



Social Media Tokens (SMTs) will be issued as ERC20 compatible tokens. Based on total amount of tokens, 15% more tokens will be issued for platform core functionality and 5% for partners and advisors. This will form the total amount of SMTs ever issued.

Token Sale

PHASE 1START DATE: 7 December 2017 12:00 PM GMT (1:00 pm CET) END DATE: 14 December 2017 12:00 PM GMT (1:00 pm CET)
  • MINIMAL GOAL: 2.000.000 SMTs
  • PHASE HARD CAP: 10.000.000 SMTs
  • Minimum contribution amount: 0,01 ETH / 8 SMTs
  • Maximum contribution amount: UNLIMITED
  • Contribution methods: ETH, BTC

Token Sale

PHASE 2START DATE: 9 February 2018 12:00 PM GMT (1:00 pm CET) END DATE: 23 February 2018 12:00 PM GMT (1:00 pm CET)
  • MINIMAL GOAL: 2.000.000 SMTs
  • PHASE HARD CAP: 30.000.000 SMTs
  • Minimum contribution amount: 0,01 ETH / 7 SMTs
  • Maximum contribution amount: LIMITED
  • Contribution methods: ETH, BTC

The team

The team behind the project is based in Russia. The project was foundedd by Dmitry Shyshov, CEO of R.Games and Nontita Limited. Co-founder and marketing person is Aleksandra Morozova, advvertiser with over 10 years of experience in marketing campaigns.

Tech Lead is Maksym Churkin, developer of SaaS applications. Viktor Perekhod is the business Development Manager. He has 8 years of experience in building strategic marketing campaigns for products and 2 years of experience in accounting.