SpacePirate is an ICO coming from (surprisingly) the gaming world. Gaming industry is worth over 70 billion dollars overall, long surpassing the film industry. How much room is there for innovating though? SpacePirate – Age Of Rust is a sci-fi, adventure MMORPG that takes place in an intergalactic dystopia. The official page of the ICO talks about all kind of describing features. D&D-like, dice-based adventure game, puzzles, hidden treasures and strategy. This makes it either very complex or a little confusing and hard to categorize.

In order to assess how smart this investment might be, you need to assess the game itself and its selling points. Does it feel like a successful project that might catch on?
“The games we remember playing are ones that we were emotionally invested in, the games we remember playing all night and thinking about how to get to the next stage all the next day. Those games had something special and that's why I made this game, something to draw you into a new universe, a new story, something... special.”
It promises over 440 000 locations for explorers.
More than 200 weapons, ships armors and items.
It is based on a rich social world, with optional PVP, adventure, puzzles, turn-based combat and clans.
They promise this will not be a play-to-win kind of game.

Most importantly, it may involve earning bitcoins from other players . You can create and collect bounties inside the game, using the cryptocurrency. This sounds like something with multiple applications. Players could actually find real-paid job inside the game, fetching items or doing different tasks for others. In the meantime, you can create competitions and become a game master if that is something that appeals to you.
The developpers do the best rundown of what Space Pirate is on bitcointalk.

☠ A dark noir text/graphic adventure game in a sci-fi dystopian universe.
☠ A turn-based role playing game (think Dungeons&Dragons™ in space)
☠ You can play alone or with other players.
☠ In-game use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (as rewards)
☠ Not a pay-to-win based game.
☠ A treasure hunt with puzzles, clues, and mysteries with no token purchase or card purchase required in order to play.
☠ Has blockchain-enabled cards to collect, trade, and use.

“Earlier last year, we posted some information about the game and received some attention from social media on Steemit. The excitement about the game drew people in and follow along. People reached out and let us know they wanted to have an "old school" adventure campaign to play.” The developers explain.

The Technology

The game has an in-game currency based on blockchain and a blockchain-based system for swapping cards. With two-factor authentification, it allows you to protect your assets inside the game. It promises a provably fair system, using hashes, seeds and an open algorithm that allows you to verify game/combat rolls as fair.

The game is already 60% complete. At this point, the developers are working on some content, including new missions, graphics, voices and music. A demo of the game is already available, although keep in mind this is just a pre-alpha release.
SpacePirates can be played on mobile and PC, and has a strong social side to it, including a fully-fledged chat, guilds systems and PvP combat.

The Currency

The ICO currency is cleverly called a rustbit. They act like a premium in-game currency and will allow you to buy Rustchain Cards starting July first.
100 000 000 tokens will be sold during the ICO stage.
Rustbits are Counterparty tokens which will provide the game fuel and also act as a premium in game currency. There is a limited supply of RustBits. Unsold rustbits will be burnt at the end of sale.
Users who buy Rustbits will be able to swap them via a swatbot on Tokenly for cards. Rustchain cards are Counterparty assets that players can collect and trade or use to enhance their experience in the game. In order to issue cards, Rustbits will be burnt as new cards are created and distributed.

CARD 001 - "Rogue Mech" (1200 issued but reserved for our Kickstarter campaign)
CARD 002 - "Forgotten Wasteland" - 2000 issued
CARD 003 - "The Bounty" - 5000 issued
CARD 004 - "Ghost Pilot" - 6000 issued

Any unsold Rustchain cards (001 - 004) by Sept 30th will be burnt.
Keep in mind that inside the game players will be able to use bitcoin to create their own missions, fetch quests and bounties.
Yet in-game currency is becoming more and more controversial in the gaming community, with many players complaining about “pay-to-win” games. The developers promise SpacePirate is a different breed.
“You don't need to buy any bitcoin, RUSTBITS, or the RUSTCHAIN cards to play. SpacePirate. Rather the opposite, you might end up getting these as rewards for solving puzzles or completing actions in the game. Want to upgrade your weapon in the game and have cryptocurrency? Yes, you can do that in SpacePirate. The game also accepts 20+ other cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Litecoin, etc) via”

The Team

Leader of the project is Chris LoVerme, ex-NASA network engineer with more than 20 years of experience in IT. He lists a number of projects in his portfolio, including work for Verizon, Dole and Ticketmaster. He is an entrepreneur, cryptocurrency miner and developer in C#, PHP and SQL.
We have to note that the list of team members is still open to writers, developers and marketing specialists.

SpacePirate Roadmap

PirateSpace reached a few of its milestones last year. The login accounts, character profiles, chatroom framework UI elements and game concept design were completed in january 2016. A lot of the gameplay (PVP, environment engine, provably fair system and others) were finished by June 2016, with a final polish by October 2016 (2FA, account security game moderation and cryptocurrency-related implementations).
They will reach another milestone this month, with digital token cards, security testing, player-driven narratives, weapons, armor and items, defense strategy gameplay and chatroom tips/rain. Alfa testing should be out anytime.
By august this year, they will deploy beta testing.


Supporters during the ICO stage will have a slate of advantages, like early access, rare and limited in-game items (something that might gain real monetary value if the game takes off), recognition and titles, along with in-game tokens based on blockchain.


This project does not have an escrow account. Stay tuned for updates.

Token Sale Information


May 22nd, 2017 to June 22nd, 2017
  • 100,000,000 tokens


Starting on July 1st to September 30th via Tokenly for Rustbits
  • Rustchain cards are Counterparty assets that players can collect and trade or use to enhance their experience in the game