made a mission out of decentralizing liquidity trading on a peer-to-peer, blockchain market. In their own words, they will create a liquidity pool accessible to users on a peer-to-peer basis that aims at „redistributing wealth”.

The product will create a platform fully equipped to allow trading of traditional and digital assets on the blockchain, in a transparent, tamper-proof manner. „There is no single point of failure as the control of the entire network or transactions isn’t down to a single central entity but rather by the entire network. ‘Fixing’, ‘hiding’, ‘manipulating’ or ‘profiteering’ are impossible within a blockchain network.”, they explain in their white paper, under „Disrupting the Establishment”.

Just like banks are looking to cut administrative costs by using the automated, trusted technology behind bitcoin, tries to do the same for the stock market. As a financial institution, plans to bring the transparency that has been missing before (and after) the financial crash and to create a verifiable global stock exchange for the people.

Undoubtably, the traditional system is plagued by expensive entry fees, slow networks, security risks, a high degree of bureaucracy and opaque operations. With their platform, they plan to change all that and to create a new, more inclusive market for everyone.

It is important to remind all investors that this product will require proper certification and some form of contact with govermnent institutions. - The token

Trade Token is a utility token inside the ecosystem. It allows users to trade assets and acts as a „medium of exchange and store of value.”
With Trade Token, users can receive their payout and, more importanlty, debit in case of loss, on their wallet, both in fiat and crypto.
The developers plan to make Trade Token a currency with real world value. Companies participating on the platform lock real-world assets and receive Trade Tokens in exchange.


This project already raised over 11 milion dollars in contributions from investors during their presale stage. They will kick off their ICO on the 7th of December, where they plan to sell 275 million in addition to their presale. This sum represents almost half of the total supply of 500 million tokens. Tokens were designed to have subdivisions (to 18 decimals).
The ICO will last for four weeks (untill January 4th). There are early bird discounts.
7-14 of December - 1 ETH = 900 coins
14-21 of December – 1 ETH = 800 coins
21-28 of December – 1 ETH = 700 coins
28 of December – January 4 – 1 ETH = 600 coins.
At the end of the ICO, all unsold Trade Tokens will be burned. The percentage burned will also be matched accross other allocations with the exception of the liquidity pool.




  • Duration: 7th – 25th of November
  • Unsold tokens in PRE-ICO will be sold during ICO


  • Duration: 7th December - 4th January
  • At end of the ICO, all unsold Trade Tokens will be burned. Additionally, the percentage burned will also be matched across other allocations with the exception of the liquidity pool.

Trade Token

  • Total Supply: 500 000 000
  • Available Tokens for Crowdfunding: 275,000,000
  • Decimals: 18
  • Symbol: TIO
  • Blockchain: Ethereum ERC-20

The team

As is to be expected from an ICO aiming at the digital, global trade market, benefits from the experience of senior, experienced members who claim more over 20 years of work in the financial sector. You can find more information on the team on their website, here