Before you invest in ICOs you must understand what is Bitcoin

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Who we are

Welcome to ! Our team is here to guide you through the world of the ICOs investments. We know how exciting it is to discover a new and promising investment opportunity. We also know how quickly a scam artist

What are cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are currencies that are not emitted by central banks or backed by gold. In turn, they are generated by a computer protocol, which establishes a set of governing rules for an independent market. The best-known and most successful cryptocurrency

What are ICOs

ICO stands for Innitial Coin Offering. Creating a cryptocurrency can take a lot of time and effort. This, of course, translates into money. Sometimes developers pre-mine some coins and offer them at what they feel would be a better price

Before you decide to purchase an ICO you should study carefully the details of the offer on the project's website.

Here are some tips
ORYX project

The ORYX project – currently estimated at $65 million

ORYX project is born from the merger by absorption between NIHILO and ORYX. Then leads to a market value of $65 million. Additionally, some of the largest trading platforms have scheduled it for listing. The swap initiated on July 15th


The CargoCoin ICO

Ever wondered what would it take to simplify and optimize the global trade and transport by taking things to a whole new level? CargoCoin brings decentralization to the shipping industry, by linking the physical world of trade, transport and logistics


Popultrade ICO

How many ideas die off because of lack of money and how many projects are left on a rack, because they lack finances and a team behind it to support them? Popultrade plans to fix just that. The idea behind


Brickblock – no more real estate middle man

There are many articles about institutional investors that are interested in the crypto market, wanting to take advantage of the fenomenal prices and gain profits, but for the regular people, the usual financial instruments are hard to access. Gaining access


Artex ICO

There have already been extensive talks about the means to create a digital copyright stamp in the arts industry. Developers see the blockchain technology as a way to create a solution for the needs of the artists, since it is


Abyss ICO

If you are a gamer, you are probably already using platforms where you purchase your games, such as Steam, Origin or just the plain old mobile app store. Abyss plans to offer such a platform where game developers can market


It’s easy to notice how fast the communications systems have evolved in the last century – from the telegraph to the cellphone, up until the Internet and all the associated services. Unfortunately, there was also a dark side to this evolution

health heart

Health Heart ICO

Health Heart has its sights on the healthcare industry – data records privacy to be more precise. Their project is to leverage the blockchain to keep sensible patient information private and secure from attacks. „We’re building a decentralized blockchain-based EHR

movement app

Movement APP ICO

Movement App enters the pre-sale stage on the 15th of December. The proposal is to monetize physical exercise and allow people to earn cryptocurrency by walking or running. The Product The team is developing a mobile app that users can


Coinvest ICO

Coinvest is a US-based project targeting the decentralized stock market for cryptocurrencies. They plan to raise money to create a platform where users are able to invest and create a diverse portfolio of crypto-assets using a unique coin (under the


Envion ICO

Envion promises to introduce the “future of smart decentralized blockchain infrastructure for cryptocurrency mining”. They plan to tap into the clean energy from photovoltaic plants across the world to create a mining infrastructure at a lower price. Envion – The

socialmedia market

Socialmedia Market ICO

SocialMedia Market is a blockchain-based platform that allows interraction of advertisers, marketers, bloggers and trend setters on social media. Here, social media experts from different areas will be able to monetize their activities and to access transparent tools for their



INS is a blockchain-based system that connect clients direclty to grocery producers. It is intended to make for a more accessible market for smaller producers and manufacturers and lower prices for groceries, since they have lower costs for entering the ICO made a mission out of decentralizing liquidity trading on a peer-to-peer, blockchain market. In their own words, they will create a liquidity pool accessible to users on a peer-to-peer basis that aims at „redistributing wealth”. The product will


Sether ICO

It is hard to remember a time when social media wasn’t “a thing”. With the growth of social media platforms, we saw the rise of advertising techniques, from companies planning to reach their customers right at (their virtual) home. Sether

ARToken – Funding VR and AR content creation

ARToken enters the ICO stage on the 25th of October. This project enters the dynamic market of video content, virtual reality and augmented reality. In the case of ARToken, „the revolution will have the content creators at its forefront”, in



Blockchain and gaming seem to mix quite well on today’s market. More publishers than ever gain the heftyest of revenue out of in-game purchases. This also opens some doors for gamers to sell items and digital goods inside online communities.

goal bonanza

Goal Bonanza

Goal Bonanza is an ICO planning to disrupt the football betting industry. They aim to offer better odds for gamblers. The…goal of the idea is to create a „self-regulating, blockchain powered football betting platform based on ERC20 token standard”. In


Aeron – Saving People’s Lives

Registry keeping solutions is quite an interesting field that can be solved with blockchain. Immune to tampering, immutable, transparent and private, the blockchain offers many of the qualities we need in keeping track of identities, transactions and operations and data



BitCAD is “a unified operating system for management, design and analysis of your business on based on blockchain technology”. It plans to offer a unified accounting system, online banking system (the much-needed integration of cryptowallets and banks) and a CRM



BOScoin is a South Korean project from the BlockChain OS startup. The developers call it a “self-evolving” cryptocurrency. They claim BOSCoin has a better capability to adapt to the environment (thus – self-evolving) and seek fast adoption under the premise



EncryptoTel aims at the telecommunication market. What they propose is a “radical, new solution for communication contributing extensively to the ongoing global debate around privacy and civil liberties”. In other words, EncryptoTel is a fully encrypted communications solution that promises



Exscudo has been getting some attention from the crypto community. Recently, they entered the ICO phase and are now developing a new trading market based on their proprietary blockchain called EON. The Project Exscudo aims at creating a unified market



Lunyr is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It intends to crowdsource an encyclopedia where contributors are incentivized to source reliable and accurate information. This is what they say in their abstract – “Our long-term vision is to develop a knowledge



MobileGo is the first Crypto-Centric Mobile Gaming Platform and Store For In-Game Purchases. In short, if focuses on a growing market of mobile gaming, offering gamers and game developers a blockchain-based platform. Game developers have the opportunity to sell their



WiCoin is one of most new cryptocoins, wich revolve in one way or another around the concept of decentralization. UBER is the platform that managed to decentralized taxi driving services. But UBER is not alone in this endeavor. Much in


ZrCoin takes the concept of “backed by gold” to a whole new level. It is the first cryptocurrency backed by a physical asset, synthetic zirconium dioxide. Zirconium dioxide is a material used in high-temperature furnaces. Therefore, as the developers of